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Contemporary business world calls for a degree of attention, diligence and care that seemed hardly imaginable just a few decades ago. Not only the European Union expanded the sources of law, but the tendency in Western societies’ evolution is clearly towards ensuring the utmost safeguard of individuals’ rights and securing workers and consumers’ protection. In this context, both Italian and foreign case-law consistently tend to impose on entrepreneurs higher standards of care and accuracy. Arguably, modern business entities cannot avoid seeking advice from skilled legal counselors for risk assessment, in order to take informed decisions.

At Studio Legale Prandi we are aware that specialization is a duty in today’s legal profession, and we therefore chose to focus mainly on commercial law, and particularly on business and corporate law. From the outset of a company’s incorporation to its eventual winding-up and liquidation, through production organization and management, product and service marketing (both in Italy and abroad), as well as in connection with all extraordinary financial operations, we are devoted to deal with all legal issues arising in a company’s everyday life.

Hence, we offer a complete and qualified array of consulting services on business law, and we gained significant experience in:

  • arrowNegotiating and drafting business contracts, especially in connection with international transactions;
  • arrowIncorporating companies;
  • arrowDealing with corporate governance issues;
  • arrowNegotiating mergers and acquisitions, as well as other extraordinary financial operations.

We understand that clients may be called to resolve disputes in court, either as plaintiffs or as defendants; therefore, our firm offers assistance before all civil courts nationwide, as well as before arbitration panels. We never accept an appointment without being granted the authority to at least explore the possibility of a settlement, as we are convinced that, whenever possible, disputes ought to be resolved in an amicable fashion.

In any other instance, we always recommend arbitration as an efficient alternative to domestic courts. If no conflict of interest prevents him from doing so, Mr. Prandi can serve as an arbitrator to adjudicate either domestic or international disputes. Mr. Prandi is listed in the panel of neutrals of a few Italian arbitration centres (in Venice and Genoa, among others), but he can also work in ad hoc arbitrations.

quote1These laws are alive, not just today or yesterday: they live forever.quote2-Sofocle

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Areas of Practice
  • arrowInternational Business Transactions
  • arrowCommercial Disputes Arbitration


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Fabrizio M. Prandi

Fabrizio M. Prandi is a member of the New York and Bologna (Italy) Bars and has been practicing law since 1999. His particular practice focuses include corporate law and domestic and international business transactions, ...Read More

Areas of Practice

  • arrowInternational Business Transactions
  • arrowCommercial Disputes Arbitration

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